Our Services

Sahara Consulting offers industrial plants in the petrochemical field an integrated set of services tailored to lowering the total procurement cost for Maintenance and repair parts while meeting the highest standards of performance.

Plant demand comprises a daily changing mix of Maintenance and repair needs for stock room reorder, emergency parts, high-use wear parts, scheduled maintenance projects and spot buys of rarely used items. Sahara Consulting service takes title to this plant Maintenance and repair flow from order until delivery. Parts from all suppliers are gathered at our consolidation warehouse and made ready for export, overseas transportation and import country handling.

Sahara Consulting manages the flow of goods and procurement transactions using modern IT and communications to link its computers and servers with the computer systems of the suppliers, logistics vendors and receiving customer plant.

An unparalleled ability to tailor the service and fees to the needs and demand character of each customer is the key to optimizing cost/performance benefits.

Sahara Consulting monitors the fast emerging price fluctuations, due to international economy dynamics (Demand, Currencies...etc) and due to market variation and supply. We then inform our customers, when operations could be affected by these variations

Sahara offers its customers the opportunity to make use of all or one of its services namely

  • Request for quotations and purchase orders processing
  • Sourcing original manufacturers
  • purchase order processing
  • Supply chain management ( from manufacturer to customer )
  • Handling of shipping documents (import and export documents , etc…)
  • Consolidation
  • Shipment
  • Handling of related contracts and financial documents


Sahara is committed to help your organization save time and money when purchasing MRO parts. by gaining a more thorough understanding of your business and technology requirements, your current procurement process and the way your prospect purchasing and planning model should look like. We have a range of solutions that can address the purchasing process and we're ready to deliver what it takes to help make your MRO processes as effective and efficient as possible.

Sahara consulting dedicated team can work with you to determine that the solution put in place meets your specific needs and requirements. Our experience and success over the years has made us leaders. We support most business processes. We can automate many of your manual or paper-based procurement processes.

Using our services would help you:

  • Reduce purchasing process costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Have faster delivery time

Sahara consulting commits itself to follow international health, safety and environmental standards when performing all its business operations.